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Sustainability is at the heart of IBL’s strategy. IBL’s values, vision and mission compel us to adopt responsible, sustainable business practices across the group and everywhere we work. By building our business while managing our environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks, we believe we can achieve positive and meaningful change in the long term for everyone.

A focus on ESG issues supports IBL’s core business and sustainability strategies, while ensuring that we are living up to our corporate values, making ethical decisions and engaging with our stakeholders. IBL has developed a dedicated ESG Task Forces led by senior executives and staffed with team members from different operations and functions to integrate sustainability matters across IBL’s core processes.

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The environmental pillar of our ESG strategy focuses on how IBL can meaningfully help preserve the natural world and mitigate the impact of climate change. We aim to integrate environmental criteria into business decision making across the group and have identified renewable energy as a key strategic growth area.


At the heart of IBL’s social commitments are its people: employees, customers, partners and suppliers. Our human capital approach addresses sustainability issues which are increasingly important in today’s uncertain and fast-changing operating environment. As a business whose purpose is to create a brighter future for all, IBL is also committed to sustainably reducing poverty within its community.

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IBL recognises that good governance and sustainability are intrinsically linked. Sound corporate governance is key to our group’s longevity, while business ethics, good corporate behaviour, regulatory compliance and transparency all have a major impact on the trust our investors and other stakeholders place in us.

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Sustainability, the only possible strategy

Sustainability is at the heart of IBL’s strategy. We’re aware that to create long-term value for our stakeholders, we need to invest in the businesses of the future while adopting more sustainable practices today.



Fondation Joseph Lagesse:

IBL’s key CSR entity promoting social inclusion

IBL primarily channels Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds through the non-profit organisation Fondation Joseph Lagesse. Its mission is to Reduce Poverty Sustainably.

Small Step Matters

IBL proudly supports Small Step Matters, a crowdfunding platform for environmental and community projects in Mauritius. 

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